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The Curriculum at Liss Junior School


We aim to help children develop a love of learning and to see themselves as ‘lifelong learners’. Emphasis is placed upon teaching the key skills in English and mathematics, which the children may then apply in the other subject areas. We aim to develop the children’s intellectual, social and physical skills and attitudes. Building Learning Power is used to encourage resilience and to support the children in developing high expectations of themselves.

We would like children to leave our school equipped with skills for life.


The National Curriculum

All children in our school follow the National Curriculum programme of study. The National Curriculum is divided into core and foundation subjects.

The core subjects are: English, Mathematics and Science

The foundation subjects are: Computing, Religious Education, Design Technology, History, Geography, Art, Music, Physical Education and French.


The curriculum is delivered in a variety of ways:

  • Whole class teaching
  • Group teaching
  • Individual teaching
  • Independent and self-directed activities

Lessons are planned to ensure a balance between the introduction of new ideas, skills and knowledge and reinforcement, practise and repetition of previous learning.

Homework is used throughout the school to support the children’s schoolwork and learning. A clear system has been established to help the children organise a set routine.

Visits and visitors are used to support and enrich the curriculum.