Welcome to Liss Junior School

We are very proud of the opportunities that we provide all our pupils. Once a year we send out a questionnaire and  ask all our pupils to tell us what they think about Liss Junior. Here are some of their thoughts:

"I enjoy being at this school."

"I really enjoy the school I am at and I am happy because the teachers make sure everyone has what they need, especially people who need help with their work and other things."

"I like it when we have control over our learning."

"This school makes me feel happy because the people are friendly."

"I think my teacher has helped me a lot  and I am very grateful for that. Also a teacher has helped me with this bad thought I have been having and that has really helped me to concentrate on my work."

"At Liss Junior I have had a really good time. There have been some ups and some downs but more ups. The things that we do in lessons are really fun as we get to learn about different topics. Overall I think Liss Junior is great fun."

" The school has lots of activities that we can participate in and also enjoy. The school provides lots of activities after and during school that I can join in. The productions are lots of fun so I am  hoping that they will do more of those. I hope thoughout the school year the school carrys on providing school trips. I also think that the school should carry on inviting people to the school to talk to us about things. I also want the school to carry on doing discos. I have enjoyed most of the things that the school has provided."

" I have enjoyed PE because I have got better at all of the games that they sometimes play for warm-up. I have also enjoyed maths because I know my times-tables now."

" This school is fabulous. A very memorable moment was the summer concert when I won the music category. Thank you."

" I have had great fun with my teacher this year. I am very pleased with my work and I hope I will have fun next year. My teacher is very nice to everyone in class and out"

This is what Ofsted have to say about us:

‘Liss Junior School provides a good quality of education.’
‘Pupils enjoy coming to school, as demonstrated by their consistently high attendance and good behaviour. They concentrate well in lessons and are responsible and thoughtful of others in keeping noise levels down in class and when they move around in the open-plan building.
Governors and senior leaders work well together and self-evaluation is strong. Good attitudes to learning and positive relationships with staff ensure pupils respond well at all times. Pupils develop their capacity to work independently when working in small groups or with partners; they collaborate well and stay focused. In this encouraging learning climate the very few pupils who speak English as an additional language speedily settle in and acquire the understanding they need to make good progress.
The mix of age groups in classes works well because teachers frequently set work appropriate to pupils working in small groups based on the progress they have made.
The curriculum is well designed to provide active and varied learning experiences. Teachers make very good use of the open-plan nature of the building to move groups into different spaces, for instance to use computers or to take advantage of the attractive outdoor space, so that learning has a fluid, active ethos that keeps pupils involved. The link with an external partner to provide sports education works very well as pupils respond enthusiastically to good quality coaching. Participation in music is also a good feature with about a third of pupils receiving individual tuition as well as whole-class experiences. A good range of after-school clubs is on offer and those who come to breakfast club are helped to enjoy extra learning experiences. Pupils are well guided and cared for.
There is good support for all pupils and especially for those experiencing emotional upsets, or whose family circumstances may render them vulnerable in some way.’
Ofsted Report September 2011
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